Adventure Combat Ops in Las Vegas is using a collection of Chauvet fixtures and fog machines to create an immersive zombie-slaying experience for participants at its 75,000 sq-f facility, of which 57,000 sq-f is dedicated for use for the apocalyptic experience.

“The whole idea is that we are getting everybody ready and prepared so that when and if the apocalypse actually comes to America, the citizens of this country will be prepared to defend it,” says Travis krauss, founder of Adventure Combat Ops.

“It’s absolute insanity and chaos – we’ve got lights lasers, fog machines, machines that smell like burning flesh, audio chaos, video projections – everything in here has been built to spec and has been built with absolute realism and in some cases, surrealism.”

The idea is to get people out of their comfort zone and the way to do this, says Travis, is via sensory immersivness.

“We do that with an array of different lighting; some change colour, some strobe, some flicker, some fade off, some create shadows and cast different colours. People are not used to seeing all of these different colours flickering and flashing all around and this starts to overload the mind a little bit. Oh, and I forgot to mention we’ve got about 15 or 20 zombies running around.”

To help create the desired atmosphere Adventure Combat Ops specially placed a number of Chauvet foggers and haze machines throughout the compound for each 1 hr 45 min ‘show’, which runs four times a day.

“They create that movie scene vibe you see in scary movies,” says Travis. “Specifically we’ve got the Chauvet smoke machine set up so that we have high intensity areas.”


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