2N, the global market operator in internet-enabled intercoms and access control systems, has launched the new 2N IP Style intercom with a next-generation platform supported by an Axis processor.

 The 2N IP Style has been created to set new standards in access control simplicity, performance and aesthetic appeal, and will meet the specific needs of owners of modern residential and office buildings, says the maker.

 2NIP Style’s large 10in touchscreen LCD display provides a complete, detailed view of incoming visitors. To ensure its durability, it is protected by scratch-resistant 4-mm tempered glass. Users will also benefit from the ‘smartphone-style’ touchscreen display with instant response and smooth animations.

 In another breakthrough, the unit has also been designed to deliver different office and residential screen capabilities in one. In this way, it is able to meet the differing needs of commercial office and luxury developments.

Drawing on the processing power of Axis’ Artpec 7 chip and the flexibility benefits of edge IP devices, the 2NIP Style gives the building owner or user all the decision-intelligence they need at their door. Because of this new chipset, the intercom platform can handle multiple simultaneous full HD streams and provides a full-colour picture without any artificial light. Its 5MPx camera’s incorporation of Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) technologies ensures full image quality and identification of the visitor, even in darkness or uneven lighting conditions outside. 

Based on feedback from security and installation companies, 2N has also developed a new installation mechanism for the new intercom. The patented tilt-out system allows installers to use both hands to work with the cables, making installation faster as well as easier. 

 Michal Kratochvíl, CEO of 2N Telekomunikace, says, “The 2N IP Style revolutionises access control for modern apartments and office buildings. The intercom incorporates the best camera, the best video transmission and display, and has a quality user interface which can be activated by a simple tap of a smart device – all wrapped in a timeless design.”

2N IP Style

Its maker says the new intercom unit allows faster and simpler access because it supports the widest range of access control technologies – including the latest and fastest Bluetooth-enabled mobile access technology, WaveKey, as well as all card technologies. It also has a smart PIN keypad. 

With WaveKey access technology implemented in the intercom, the 2N IP Style supports Touch, Tap in App and Motion modes. The Motion mode means that if a user has an authorised application on their mobile device, the unit’s camera registers any movement from that person in a 170° field of view and automatically opens the door.

 Michal adds, “Developers and users of luxury homes and high-end offices expect the highest standards in building security and ease of access. We are meeting, and indeed exceeding, these needs with the new 2N® IP Style, which redefines the performance, capabilities and aesthetic appeal of access control units.

 “The new intercom draws on our 30-year record in access control unit design and unrivalled expertise in open standards integration. Through that commitment to cutting-edge devices and setting industry benchmarks, the 2N IP Style brings together the power of Axis’ Artpec 7 processor, beautiful glass panel housing, and the speed and simplicity of Bluetooth with WaveKey access technology. We believe the 2N® IP Style will become the intercom of choice for forward-looking developers for many years to come.”

 The 2NIP Style unit is designed and manufactured with a commitment to open protocols so, as with other intercoms from 2N’s portfolio, it can be integrated with the best in high-performance third-party systems. Manufactured in the Czech Republic from hard-wearing materials, and with a protection certification of IP65 and IK08, the 2NIP Style is well suited to outdoor and harsh environment applications.

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