SiliconCore will debut its ZACH LED Driver Chip at Infocomm 2017, the result of three years of research and development, which the maker claims gives its displays market leading dynamic range and colour reproduction.

ZACH stands for Z(Impedance) Adjustment for Coloor Homogeneity and the mechanism is embedded in the driver chip so it can accurately detect impedance variation of each LED and apply an adjustment compensation.

This technology has been designed to deliver uniform brightness and homogeneous colour even when at a low brightness level.

This company says the product is suited to cinema and command and control and simulation environments thanks to the dynamic range and colour fidelity of the display.

Corporate and retail clients will also benefit from accurate colour reproductions and transitions.

Showcased as a 4K 1.2mm LED Display at Infocomm, the ZACH chip enables SiliconCore displays to provide accurate colour reproduction in the screen areas of low brightness.

SiliconCore says this is most evident in pictures with shadows and areas of greatest contrast from light to dark.

Combined with the company’s  low power Common Cathode Technology (CCT), this 4K screen can achieve uniform maximum brightness of over 1,800Nits and minimum brightness under 0.1Nits.

The effective dynamic range is over 18,000 to 1 or over 14 bits and the inventor says reproduction of colour can be achieved way beyond rec 2020 colour bit depth which is fast becoming the industry standard.

SiliconCore displays Lavender 1.2mm, Magnolia 1.5 and Camellia 0.95 will be the first displays to ship with the new ZACH LED drivers in July.

Eric Li, CEO of SiliconCore explains: “LED has two natural characteristics that can make LED displays far superior than any other display technology, one is high energy efficiency and the other is fast response time. Our Common Cathode technology preserves the energy efficiency advantage and today this latest invention of ZACH preserves the response time advantage.

“SiliconCore’s electronic design team has integrated all these technologies into an LED driver design which preserves these natural characteristics, resulting in energy efficiency, rapid response time and being able to maintain incredible color over a long lifetime. This new chip is a breakthrough for LED Displays, producing a fully immersive picture quality for simulation and highly detailed image applications.”

Visit booth 4660 at Infocomm 2017 in Orlando for a demonstration, June 14-16, Orange Country Convention Center for more information.


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